• Executive and General Aviation

    A great platform of parts and products for the aeronautical!

  • OGA at FIDAE 2014

    O.G. AVIATION INC.participate in the best aeronautic expo of Chile "FIDAE 2014"

  • Advanced Maintenance

    O.G. AVIATION INC.satisfies all the requirements for the airlines!

  • Global OGA Service

    7 Days Of The Weeks And 365 Days Of The Year, No matter the conditions or location!

Who we are?
what we think?
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O.G AVIATION INC. backs the aviation industry with a wide array of products and services. OGA is able to support all your needs as well as deliver all your atypical spare parts and components.

Why OGA?

O.G. AVIATION INC.'s marketing plan includes personal meetings, direct mails, and electronic marketing. Our marketing activity plan enables us to coordinate our efforts and provide our customers and manufacturers with the upmost market coverage. One of the most important tools in comprehending the requirements and the tendencies in the industry is the personal contact and discussions. As a result, we are committed to visit customers and manufacturers.

If you are interested in efficiently transporting your products and services to the global aviation market, we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal that includes:

  • Market potentials and targets;
  • Strategic locations of inventories;
  • Support inventory capabilities;
  • Reporting and marketing information; and,
  • A scenario with OGA as your marketing, sales, and distribution partner