O.G AVIATION INC. is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and is a value-added gateway between manufacturers and customers.

O.G AVIATION INC. established the followings values:

  • Listen to and understand the needs of our customers;
  • Encourage employees to participate in cross functional tasks;
  • Provide direct and informal communications;
  • Create and maintain long lasting relationships with our costumers;
  • Maintain a company structure that is open, flexible, and creative; and,
  • Focus on achieving our customer's needs and goals.

O.G AVIATION INC.'s marketing plan includes personal meetings, direct mails, and electronic marketing. Our marketing activity plan enables us to coordinate our efforts and provide our customers and manufacturers with the upmost market coverage. One of the most important tools in comprehending the requirements and the tendencies in the industry is the personal contact and discussions. As a result, we are committed to visit customers and manufacturers.