What We Think?

Our primary objective is to provide ongoing service to our customers in the form of needed products or general information. We have the capability to exchange, lease, or loan rotable units and to perform annual contract procurements for our customers.

OGA's focus is to continue its success by providing customers with quality aviation supply chain management up-to-date quality maintenance support, and the latest in technical maintenance training.

Our entire company is committed to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction is met. Therefore, we will continue to elevate our standards of business services to our aviation customers.

OGA uses an international telecommunication network, combined with purchasing and technical personnel, in order to provide ongoing interaction and contact with customers around the world. O.G. AVIATION INC. meets the requirement set forth by the Department of Transport Canada (DOT) in the Airworthiness Manual for the distribution of Aeronautical Products under Certificate Approval 28-02

O.G. AVIATION INC. established the following values:

  • Listen to and understand the needs of our customers;
  • Encourage employees to participate in cross functional tasks;
  • Provide direct and informal communication;
  • Create and maintain long lasting relationships with our customers;
  • Maintain a company structure that is open, flexible, and creative; and,
  • Focus on achieving our customer's needs and goals