Technical Assistance

OGA offers pro-active technical assistance services to the aerospace industry.

We follow the project management philosophy so our customers can monitor and control the planning, costs, and performance. We issue regular reports with indicators to inform and assist you in the decision making process.

Our consultant engineers work either on a daily basis or on a project contract basis.


Due to unscheduled events or to a heavy workload, your engineering department may need external support with specific aviation engineering skills and knowledge.

Our engineers are able to work in your office to re-enforce your team or act as a sub-contractor for a specific project.

Airframe system and structure engineering

  • Our consultants join your team and perform modification reviews, modification management, production support and coordination with logistic department.
  • We can perform repair design sketch, we issue the technical instruction documents and the repair approval sheets under STC or approval repair station.

Aircraft delivery / re-delivery management

We take over delivery and re-delivery technical management. We ensure all tasks are embodied and billed in accordance with lease agreement.Aircraft phase-in / phase out management.

Aircraft phase-in / phase out management

  • Aircraft registration process management
  • OGA checks and defines maintenance work package to be embodied prior to delivery / re-delivery.
  • We ensure all tasks comply with lease contract return conditions.
  • We edit a listing of upcoming maintenance requirement. We issue a remarketing recommendation report.

Aircraft registration process management

  • OGA checks and defines maintenance work package to be embodied prior to delivery / re-delivery.
  • We ensure all tasks comply with lease contract return conditions.
  • We edit a listing of upcoming maintenance requirement. We issue a remarketing recommendation report.

Airworthiness compliance review / survey

Maintenance program management

  • We assist you to issue, review, improve your maintenance program and upgrade its efficiency in accordance with regulation requirements and manufacturer reports.

Technical record reviews / surveys

  • We check fleet airworthiness condition with regards to local regulation requirements

Airlines technical representative

  • OGA engineers support your engineering department.
  • We manage sub-contracted maintenance visit on site. We issue a daily follow up report to keep you informed with all discrepancies and planning modification.
  • We manage onsite technical assistance. Our consultants do logistics management and make commercial deals in accordance with your contract department. We ensure the maintenance visit planning stick to the schedule and the airplane returns to service on time.

Fleet reliability analysis

  • As experienced engineering consultants, we wish to bring your engineering services to the highest level of efficiency and competitiveness.
  • We compute, review and analyse dispatch and maintenance program reliability.
  • We give our recommendations to improve the modification embodiment decision process.
  • We assist your planning department to upgrade and optimise your maintenance program with regard to your fleet and the operating conditions.


You want to replace some aircrafts or to expand your fleet.

OGA contracts, partially or completely, the project from the airplane investigation to in-service fleet joining.

Aircraft technical status issuance

  • Airworthiness Directives / local equivalent requirements.
  • Service Bulletins.
  • Modifications & Supplemental Type Certificates.
  • Structure repairs.

Maintenance program review

  • Power plant & systems, zone, structural.
  • CPCP, SSIP, ageing program.
  • MRB compliance.
  • Operator's regulation compliance.

Planning analysis

  • We check / issue maintenance tasks schedule.
  • We define maintenance tasks to be performed with regard to leasing agreement.
  • We issue aircraft re-marketing recommendation report.

Component analysis

  • Compliance with maintenance program.
  • Compliance with operator's regulations & airworthiness type certificate.
  • We issue a Life Limited Parts / Hard Time remaining time status report.

Structural technical follow-up review

Our engineers perform a structural mapping of your aircrafts. We check all repair justification files. We issue a recommendation report enclosing action to comply with actual regulations and leasing agreement (inspection to be performed, permanent repair action, repair assessment, repair replacement...)


OGA contracts the job and issues all required documentation for relevant approval.

  • Technical and operational documentation audits.
  • Supplemental documents: STC, major repairs.

Airworthiness walk around inspection

We carry out a walk around visual inspection. Our consultants perform a structural mapping with digital pictures of visible repairs in order to check with structural defect listing and to ensure RVSM compliance. We control compliance to all operators' regulations requirements:

  • External and internal placards.
  • Cabin airworthiness inspection.
  • Cabin and flight logbook reviews.


Primary and secondary structure repairs

We take over any structural damage or discrepancy. We perform the repair drawing. We issue the repair technical disposition. We get the manufacturer approval on your behalf. We provide you with a complete detailed repair file in order to get approval from local authorities.

Primary and secondary structure design and sizing

We manage aerospace part and modification design.


OGA employs dedicated engineers to provide our customers, production line, etc. with a reactive and appropriate assistance.

OGA engineers and technicians offer a wealth of experience in aeronautic products, and are fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Assistance to production

  • Concession modification and repair documents issuance.
  • Engineering support.
  • Troubleshooting assistance.

Customer support

  • Technical disposition / deviation definition.
  • Logistics issues management.
  • Work scope analysis / quotation
  • Work package and additional works managements.